High-Speed Rail Station at “Los Pedroches”.

Villanueva de Córdoba, Córdoba, Andalucía.

After 15 years of seeing high-speed trains hastening back and forth between Madrid and Seville, the citizens of Villanueva (pop. 10,000) felt that they also wanted to benefit from progress. In 2007, the platform “The train must stop in Los Pedroches” was founded, and mobilizations for the construction of a high-speed rail station in Villanueva started, converting this issue quickly into a powerful weapon in local politics. The construction of the station began in 2010 at a site 11 km from the village center, and was finished three years and €15 million later. After a year of trains just passing by, the station was finally opened in 2014, and since then has had an average of 105 daily passengers.