Enlargement of the port of ”El Musel”.

Gijón, Asturias.

The works of enlargement of the port of ”El Musel” were finished in 2010 after an investment of €630 million (40% of which were EU funds). Since then, it has remained empty and virtually unused. The regasification plant (another €380 million) was finished in 2012, but could not be put into operation because it was not connected to the national gas system. Moreover, in 2013, the Superior Court in Madrid ruled it to be illegal because it is built within 2 km of inhabited areas. In spite of the sentence and having a study stating that this plant will not be put into service until at least 2017 due to lack of demand, the national government authorized the construction of the pipeline (another 12 million euros) that now links it to the national gas system. If the Supreme Court ratifies its illegality, it will have to be demolished.